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19 06 2020 No Cat.

From 10 Sep. to 07 Nov.


Books in Art

José Manuel Ballester  Julia Aurora Guzmán  Jorge Julve  Ignacio Llamas  Edgar Martins  Linarejos Moreno  Daniel Verbis

In this first exhibition of the season, we will show works by seven artists linked by the relationship between Book and Art. Each artist will present works in which the book, literature or writing are the basis, in a metaphorical, poetical, subtle or even more direct way, where the book, as an object, is the very support of the work of art. All the artists have been influenced by their readings, their favourite authors, who paved the way  for new projects and, of course, the physical presence of books has had an effect in their studios, in their homes, almost  seen as sculptures.

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