Magdalena Correa: The Faces of Earth

Opening 31st May from  17 to 21h.

…Correa pushes herself to a real involvement with the local people, living with them enough time to understand the context of their life, with the intention to make us aware and think about life in those places, she wants to make them “present” before us in her photographs. In the Mezquital Valley, Magdalena lived together with Otomi women longer than a month; forgotten, marginalized, in absolutely precarious living conditions, but women who have been able to overcome all that via their association – their unity – to forge their own destiny overcoming violence, isolation, and becoming economically independent by the production of textiles, natural medicines, soap, etc. later sold in Mexico, thus becoming models for many other women. These groups of Otomi women have contributed with their initiatives to create the necessary conditions for other women to exercise their rights to a free-from-oppression life….