Paula Anta: Jaam rek (in peace)

From 2nd June to 26th July 2022 | PhotoEspaña22 | Opening: 2nd June from 17 to 21

Curator Nerea Ubieto

Sand and light landscapes create an atmosphere of imperturbable calm. Little does it matter if nearby is the hustle and bustle of noisily visually polluted cities. No noise seems to exist in these gentle places, stopped in an earthy time which enables the flow of consciousness. They are African scenarios, mostly located in Senegal and Mauritania, where Paula has found the energy to make her vibrate to another frequency. At the beginning, she didn’t even realize, a subtle drive took her to these destinations; however, through the years, an unavoidable yearning has been revealed. The photographs in the exhibition belong to different series, sharing the same emotional colour scheme and expressing the distinguishing features of her work: nature intervention, sculptural value of images, aesthetic purity, compositional accuracy or her conceptual character….